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Dr. Jim Pappas

When you visit Dr. Pappas, you’ll meet with a man whose mind is open to whatever path is best for your situation, whether that’s arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy, biological treatments or referring you to those doctors who excel at joint replacement.

Actice Sports Medicie Treatments

Orthopedic Surgery

As one of northern Nevada’s premier orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Pappas continues to perform traditional surgeries. Now, however, with his extensive training and experience in healing and strengthening joints and tendons through biologics, he can more accurately address and treat his patients based on the severity of their injuries and damage. He is among a select few in the community to offer biologic techniques that include PRP (platelet rich plasma), screened amniotic fluids, and fatty tissue transfers via Lipogem therapy.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the basis for the specific cell types that make up each organ in our bodies and heal by creating new cells and repairing tissues in structures that are injured or damaged. In an active world, orthopedic surgeons  have never been more called upon to find ways to improve the quality for their patients than now. While being among the area’s most skilled surgeons, Dr. Pappas has also explored, incorporated and mastered the applications of stem cell to regenerate or repair tissues. This non-surgical alternative is often the best route for those who are in competitive or recreational sports and are looking for treatment options that get them back to activities, quickly and safely.

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Platlet Rich Plasma

Platelets are all-natural healing agents that, in a resting state, flow freely in our blood system. When injury occurs, those platelets are activated and gather at the injury site to release beneficial proteins called growth factors. They also attract the critical assistance of stem cells. This is the beginning of the healing process, one accelerated by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) — a concentration of platelets and growth factors created from a small amount of your blood or bone marrow. That sample is rapidly spun to separate platelets and other growth factors from the blood. The entire process of removing PRP, spinning it, and re-injecting it to the injury site usually takes 20- 30 minutes.

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Lipogems plays a critical and proven role in aiding those with knee, shoulder, ankle and hip osteoarthritis. Based on clinical results from more than 800 patients worldwide, those patients reported striking improvements in pain relief and joint function.

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