Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Utilized In Orthopaedic ProceduresOrthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jim Pappas with Active Sports Medicine has established an amniotic stem cell therapy program. He has experience and knowledge in stem cell technologies and has utilized them in his practice during both in-office and surgical procedures delivering those cells to his patients to aid in the healing process.

Dr. Pappas’s patient Jeff W. complained of constant pain in his right knee. After not responding to NSAID medications and physical therapy, he had an in-office, ultrasound guided amniotic stem cell injection to improve his arthritis. The procedure took about 15 minutes start to finish.

During the procedure, Dr. Pappas identified the joint space with ultrasound guidance then proceeded with the injection of the amniotic stem cells. He was then able to deliver wound-healing cells directly into the injured site. The mix of cells, electrolytes, growth factors, carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, enzymes and hormones have the potential to develop into new tissue forming cells as well as stimulate other cells to participate in the healing process.

“The use of amniotic stem cells has been shown to effectively reduce pain and inflammation,” says Dr. Pappas. “Having considerably high cell counts and “immune privilege” makes this technology an ideal treatment choice. My preliminary survey appears to demonstrate a positive response.”

The potential of stem cells in orthopedics is virtually limitless and is being studied for a host of treatments throughout the world today. Amniotic stem cells have the remarkable potential to aid in the process of forming a variety of tissues including but not limited to bone, tendon, cartilage and cardiac muscle. The technology is available today to safely procure stem cells from amniotic fluid (AF) and amniotic membrane (AM) during live, healthy Cesarean sections, eliminating ethical issues associated with embryonic stem cells.

Dr. Pappas treats a number of injuries and sees patients from across Northern Nevada and Northern California. For more information and scheduling, call (775) 322-1200 or visit

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